Followers of Christ

First and foremost, at Today's Church in Reading PA, we follow Jesus. The very message and Gospel that Jesus lived and died for is the message that we want to carry to the world.

We Believe

  • There is One God
  • Jesus was God revealed to mankind in the flesh
  • All humans have sinned and need a savior
  • Jesus died on the cross giving us his Spirit and saving us from our sinful nature
  • It is through Jesus and his grace alone that we are saved
  • Jesus commanded us to baptize everyone that believes
  • The Holy Spirit is a promise from God to all who believe
  • The Holy Spirit is working today through signs, healing, and miracles
  • The Holy Spirit gives us power to overcome sin and live a life free from sin
  • The church is a community of believers who love one another and walk together in unity
  • The greatest commandment of to Love. Love God. Love People.

Why Today's Church?

We call ourselves Today's Church and claim to be "established 33AD". We hope you get the hint there. Historians believe the church began somewhere between 29AD and 33AD after Jesus died and the apostles began preaching about the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. We believe that the apostolic church of yesterday should be the same church of today. We also believe that if the apostles were alive today, they would use every avenue they could to reach the lost. That is our core at Today's Church. We seek to be relevant and modern when it comes to innovative ways to spread this gospel, but at the same time we will never lose sight of the timeless principles of God's word that were relayed to us thousands of years ago. In that sense, we are the church of today. Today's Church.