TC Mission

Our mission is to COMPEL, CONVERT and CULTIVATE...ONE MORE follower of Jesus.

What does this mean?

Compel: Jesus told his disciples to go to the highways and byways and COMPEL men to come so that his house would be full. That is part of our compel them to come...

Convert: We believe in "old fashioned conversions." We believe that when Christ comes into your life, he will empower you to change and to live a life that is pleasing to him. The Bible says, "old things are passed away - behold - all things have become new." Leading people out of darkness and into God's light is a burning passion for us.

Cultivate: Discipleship is key to maintaining a life that is centered around Jesus. We understand that we cannot make it alone, so we decide to walk together and to sharpen one another through encouragement and even through challenging one another and remaining accountable to each other. For this reason, we devote time and resources to our members to ensure that they are learning and growing throughout their walk with the Lord.

One More: So long as there is still ONE MORE soul out there lost in this city, it is our mission to find them. Look around...there is plenty of work to do!